Muslim world Muftis urged to issue Fatwas on boycotting Israel

The Head of the Islamic Revolution Committee for Support of Palestine underlined the need for Muslim world Muftis to issue Fatwas (religious edicts) on boycotting  Israel. Speaking in a meeting of the committee in Tehran on Wednesday, Ayatollah Mohammad Hassan Akhtari said scholars and Muftis ought to issue Fatwas that call for boycotting the occupying regime and stress the need for supporting Palestine.

Such Fatwas can be helpful in making countries that have normalized ties with the Zionist regime to reconsider their decision, he said. Ayatollah Akhtari noted that in his capacity as the head of the Supreme Council of the World Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) Assembly, he has written to 38 prominent scholars and Muftis around the world, including the Mufti of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, calling for supporting the cause of Palestine.

Serious work is also required to ban normalization of ties with Israel, the cleric added. He also hailed the steadfastness of the Palestinian nation and resistance forces in the face of Israel’s latest aggression, but said Palestine needs more support to tackle with the evil regime. Israel’s aggression on Gaza, which started on May 10, has so far killed at least 213 Palestinians in the besieged territory, of whom 61 are children and 36 are women.

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