Latest news on Beirut port explosion case: French researchers reject missile hypothesis

The investigation into the case of the explosion in the port of Beirut is ongoing and an indictment will be issued in the next few months.

Noting that new evidence has been obtained in the investigation, the sources added: “Tarek Bitar, the judicial investigator in the Beirut bombing case, has received a report from French investigators who ruled out the possibility of targeting the port of Beirut with a rocket or explosive package.” .

According to the same sources, French researchers analyzed the soil at the site of the explosion and concluded that no external factors, whether bombs or missiles, caused the explosion.

However, the investigator in the case, Al-Bitar, told reporters that there were still three hypotheses about the explosion: The first hypothesis was a mistake when welding the door of warehouse No. 12, which led to a fire and explosion. The second hypothesis is the security or terrorist act that led to the disaster inside the port, and the third hypothesis is that the port was targeted with a missile.

“One of these hypotheses is up to 70% unlikely, and research is underway on the other two hypotheses to make a final decision on them,” Bitar said but he did not explicitly mention these two hypotheses.

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