Lady Zaynab’s (S.A) honorable life and noble traits

Lady Zaynab (S.A), the Prophet’s (PBUH) granddaughter, was characterized by a personality that combined all the high moral standards and the honorable tendencies and, accordingly, she has been the best exemplary of honor, chastity, and dignity in addition to every virtue of human perfection. Lady Zaynab (S.A) represents a multi-dimensional personality: she is wise and well-educated with great knowledge; a distinguished person; anyone who meets her, feels humble before the greatness of her wise soul and her insight.

Lady Zaynab (S.A) retains the same greatness and spiritual glory in Medina, where her excellency resides; in Karbala, the center of her afflictions; and in the palace of cruel individuals like Yazid and Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad. She teaches and educates the people; at the same time, she, like a kind mother, soothes the Imam of her time–Imam Sajjad (A.S); at the same time, like a strong barrier in the midst of that severe storm, she creates security and tranquillity for the children of her brother–the children of Imam Hussain (A.S), whom were lost in that tragedy.

Lady Zaynab (S.A) had inherited the highest principles of charity including deep-rooted faith and trust in Almighty Allah in the most perfect manner from her parents and grandfather. She possessed all that points towards her immaculate majestic, dignified, and distinguished origin. She also possesses renowned bearings in the fields of perseverance upon principles, courage, eloquence, and whole-heartedness besides asceticism, chastity, piety, holiness, and magnanimity. From early life, Lady Zaynab (S.A) was marvellous in her intellect and wisdom. She had learnt the holy Quran by heart as well as the Prophet’s (PBUH) sayings regarding Islamic laws, rules of education, and principles of ethics.

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