Khalili: Deletion of Hazaras’ identity is impossible

The Leader of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan has criticized the government’s inattention to the killing of Shias and Hazaras, saying it does not want to make the situation worse, but is a legitimate defense when people’s identities are at stake.

Mohammad Karim Khalili, Leader of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan and former vice president, says the international community and the Afghan government should not neglect the genocide of Hazaras in the country.

Speaking at a news conference in Kabul today (Sunday, June 13), Khalili said the Hazaras in Afghanistan were being attacked in a “very heinous” manner, and that the United Nations and its Security Council, Afghanistan’s international partners and Afghan government should investigate the “instance of genocide” in these attacks.

He stressed that if, as a result of these investigations, attacks on the Hazaras were recognized as a case of genocide, the United Nations, the international community and the Government of Afghanistan should take the necessary measures in this regard.

The leader of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan said: “I call on the world to pay serious attention to this issue (the genocide of the Hazaras). Genocide is a global crime. [The genocide has also been] condemned by the [UN] Security Council.”

On the other hand, he explained that targeting the Hazara people in terrorist attacks is different from targeting other ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Mohammad Karim Khalili said Hazaras in Afghanistan are being targeted because of their ethnic identity and ethnicity.

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